What is Noughtie 90s?

What is Noughtie 90s?

Noughtie 90s actually started off as a Tuesday night 2 hour radio show on Gravity FM, at that point it was 'Noughtie Nineties' and when heard and not seen it sounded like a show about the Naughty 90s rather than the 00s and 90s.

It took a break and re-emerged in 2017 with a show on Radio Belvoir, from that spawned a Live 1 hour show each Friday Night live from my conservatory.

Today we see the launch of an ambitious plan to make this a 24 hour station with better presenters, more natural characters and less scripted shows and an aim to produce a station that not only plays the 90s and 00s but takes radio back to the better side of the industry.

Who knows where this journey will take us, but without your support it will be a sharp exit through the roof of the cockpit.

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