Life is full of all types of people from all walks of life and one thing that connects all those people is the music they grew up to.

I grew up listening to Cheesy Pop in the 80s, when old enough to discover clubs and house music I realised that Whitney wasn't the only singer in the world. From there I always wanted to present on the radio, but sadly never got the job, even after sitting outside the Studios of Mercia FM and Kix 96 in Coventry.

Since then I have moved onto present for many years (around 15) on one of the countries hidden gems - Community Radio! From the early days of Halton FM, which then became HCR (Halton Community Radio) and on to Gravity FM in Grantham and more recently with Radio Belvoir and internet station.

I enjoy the shows but always wanted to work in the industry and still do, if that one job came calling I don't think I would take long to respond.....

So this marks a change in direction slightly and not with any lofty ambitions of grandeur, more of a hope that I can reach out and make someone smile with this station.

All the music you hear on this station comes from between 1990 & 2009 and nothing either side of that.

Please remember this station is run voluntarily and costs money to run, if you enjoy the music and the shows, please consider either making a donation or shouting from the rooftops about how good it is, you may not have the money, but you may have the friends and future listeners.

Thank you